The Roots

Earth is the mother to us all!

And for the Ingiulla family, the land has always been that “woman” to be protected, looked after, loved, treated with care, respect and attention.


Precisely what grandfather Alfio and grandfather Michele did when cultivating their plants, waking up at the first light of dawn to go to the country, ready to take the plough and prepare the land to receive the seed, waiting with patience and love for the fruits to grow.


And today, chef Alessandro and his father, Alfio, continue the family tradition with the same devotion, creating a veritable biological product line, with seasonal crops and local varieties, the priority of this new line being to preserve and rediscover the authentic products of our wonderful Sicily.


Our fields are on the lower slopes of Mount Etna, in the territory of Santa Maria di Licodia, in the province of Catania, and subdivided into different areas, ranging from 550 mt up to 1,150 mt above sea level.


The varying levels of the land allow for a diversification of crops which, thanks to the particular microclimate and the volcanic soil, unique in itself, assures natural fertility, favouring only limited interventions which exclude the use of synthetic chemicals, and respecting the natural life cycle of the plants. 


The result is produce of an intense and unique flavour, respecting all the stages of sustainable production.


Among our typical products, you will find the ‘gelato cola’ apple, the ‘ucciardone’ pears from Mt Etna, the ‘piru spineddu’, the ‘mastroantonio’ cherries, from the ‘uva’ and ‘pizzuta’ almonds to pistachios, the prickly pears, and citrus fruits and of course, the olive groves with the ‘nocellara’ trees of Mt Etna, where we get our Elaia olive oil from.


A family run business which offers premium quality products that the chef uses in his restaurant, using only the best that his lands can offer and whose value is enhanced in each dish which oozes authenticity.


Fragrances, flavours and colours that are part of our everyday lives, the very same ones waiting for us ‘at home’, and which make places that aren’t, feel just like home.

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