My Kitchen

I create my dishes by taking inspiration from the colors, the flavors and the scents of my land. Even if I remain anchored to the origins and the traditional products of the territory, I decided to propose a new cuisine, never obvious, that reflects the experiences in northern Italy and abroad that enriched my creativity.

These are traditional Sicilian recipes revised in a contemporary key.

I love to use just a few high quality ingredients; the result: simple well done dishes.

The raw material that I use arrives partly from providers that work with excellent products—locals and not—but a big part of the produce is grown by us.

In fact, my family, at Santa Maria di Licodia, 600 meters above sea level, in the southern part of Mount Etna, has some land that belonged to my grandfathers (since 1904). There, they grow produce to supply the needs of the restaurant.

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