Extra virgin olive oil

Elaia is an extra-virgin olive oil, a historical product of the Ingiulla family, which grows on the southern slopes of Mount Etna, in the region of Santa Maria di Licodia in the Catania province.

Considered one of the best for the cultivation of olive trees, the area is famous for its thousand-year-old trees, reputed to be the oldest in Sicily, where the name Elaia also originates, i.e. elaia from the Greek ‘elaion’, meaning ‘oil’.

The oil is extracted from the ‘Nocellara Etnea’ trees, a typical variety of the area, usually around 70/80 years old, grown in ‘siccagno’, which means without irrigation, and harvested rigorously by hand during the months of September and beginning of October, depending on the conditions of the Sicilian summer.

Once harvested, the olives are pressed within 12 hours, using methods of controlled temperature extraction for a maximum time of 45 minutes. In order to preserve their organoleptic characteristics, the product is not filtered but is decanted numerous times.

The result is an oil of a golden colour with an grassy fragrance and an intense fruity aroma and with a certified acidity level of 0.1%, rich in polyphenols.

Elaia is a special gift which Alessandro wished to offer his grandparents in gratitude for leaving him this precious inheritance.

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