Alessandro Ingiulla

Sapio is a joint project between chef Alessandro Ingiulla and his wife Roberta, where Alessandro’s creativity in the kitchen is conveyed with elegance and accuracy by Roberta in the dining room.

The kitchen is, for Alessandro, the enchanted place where every day he relives the same magic he took part of as a child, when he kneaded the bread with grandma Alfina and helped her turn simple ingredients into food.

Except traditional techniques really only apply to the humble ones from his grandma; the avant-garde and modern techniques aren’t really traditional, from the humble ones of his grandma to the modern and avant-garde ones acquired by the chefs with whom he has worked.

Determination, sacrifice and consistency are the fuel that pushes Alessandro to express his big love for the kitchen, that has brought him to achieve a Michelin Star at only 26 years old.

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