Alessandro Ingiulla

“If, while eating something with relish, you don’t have beside you, a person who is eating with equal relish, the pleasure of eating is, as it were, blurred, diminished”

Andrea Camilleri

By using our five senses, we re-discover the deepest meaning of cooking. We see desire growing through our eyes; we hear the sounds of preparation with our ears; with our touch, the fullness of the food; we allow ourselves to be inebriated by the smells and then by the taste in a wonderful explosion of flavours. 


The kitchen is a kind of ‘maison’ of creativity where we can express ourselves, experiment, invent, create new dishes, with painstaking care in every detail, a perfect balance between the ingredients, using only the best from our land, wisely amalgamated.


Food as art, as culture, as history which chef Alessandro inherited from his grandmother Alfina with whom he had a special bond. As a child he always followed her in the kitchen, watching what was, for him, a veritable performance, for example, the traditional preparation of bread. He followed her movements as if they were a ritual, from the movement of her hands in the act of kneading to choosing the shape, with the same attention of an artist who paints. 


And so, by imitating her, his own canvas, his own path came to life, with a mastery of the traditions and so-called secrets of past recipes, but with an eye to modernity, an avangarde vision when each dish becomes a work of art.


Knowledge and study have always been the basis on which he built and continues to build his story, in constant growth, since one must persevere, have courage and dare, knowing one never ceases to learn. 


Since he was a teenager, his desire for knowledge has brought him to his first steps in the culinary world, competing with professional chefs. As soon as he concluded his studies at the Catering College, he went abroad to refine his skills and discover the flavours of other European cities. It was not easy for a boy, just 18, to leave his home, his friends, his loved ones, but it is also through this choice that he matured and went far, opening himself to the world, without ever forgetting the indispensable ingredients in the kitchen: passion, love and memories.


Through this determination and the desire to put down roots in his homeland, he founded the restaurant Sapio in December 2016, a courageous and ambitious project born from a great love: that between Alessandro and Roberta, whose destinies entwined while they were still adolescents, at their school desks, and today, “together”, they have created a privileged place to evoke harmonious taste sensations where food and wine enhance each other in perfect balance.


Determination, sacrifice and perseverance were, it is appropriate to say, the right ingredients that led chef Alessandro to attract the attention of the most important gastronomic guides and to conquer, at the age of 26, on November 19, 2018, the prestigious Michelin Star, which in that edition also saw him as the youngest chef in Italy to receive this important recognition.


For the first time the city of Catania receives a star

“We have won the Michelin star, but above all the city of Catania, which becomes a reference point for food and wine tourism, attracting the attention of cooking enthusiasts and quality food lovers, coming from all over the world . An opportunity to visit the city and discover its artistic beauties and enjoy the unique flavors of our land “

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